Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Fruit of My Technorati Experiment

For about three weeks now, I took a SPARK in SocialSpark about experimenting the authority in my Technorati. I read the sites and blogs of those who joined the experiment and there's only one common feedback I observed, it says it was really effective.

So I joined and accepted the Spark. I followed the instructions given by the original maker and boom!, after he added me on the Master's List on his site, I can already really see my increasing authority. From 18, it then went up and up and even as high as 260 (this moment)!

It's a tag actually. It was indeed effective and has a positive result.

For those who want to join, you may click here.


  1. uy! how can i join socialspark ? :D haha. i want i want :P

  2. yes of course tag is the best way to increase technorattu authority but the true backlicks form the search engines will come out naturally as your blog mature and when u continue the optimization... Thanks for the thoughts
    Concealed Mind
    Ester's Daily Thoughts
    Ester's Money Journal

  3. can i join even if i am not SS approved yet? pls. let me know. TY !