Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Night is Flood Night

(The image in the left is an exaggeration! LOL).

It was a while ago when I started sitting in front o my computer when suddenly a heavy rain poured with all it's mad droplets crashing our roofs. It produced very disturbing sound to the point that I could not anymore hear the telephone ring. It was a heavy rain really.

While I was just starting to hop to the blogs of my Internet buddies, I was shocked with my mothers loud voice shouting saying, "Mark, turn off that computer. The water is coming in!" I then looked at my back and to the floor and saw the fast cascading water from our kitchen and from our terrace. At first I hesitated to turn off the computer since It was just 5 minutes ago when I started using it and believed that the water will not that serious and wet m computer. And so I continued using my PC. But as I am using it, I always look back towards our kitchen to check the water. Unfortunately, I saw that stupid water rapidly become so serious and wet all over our kitchen. Little did I know, under the floor mats in the living where my computer was located (for some reasons), was also slowly become wet. Even though it was hard for me, I turned off my computer and unplug all the wire connections.

Then the waters, even though unwelcome, are coming in. To my sister's bedroom, mine, my parent's bedroom and all over the living room, they were their! Grrr. I then remove all the connections from my System Unit after moving my computer to a corner being afraid that it might get wet and will paralyze my blogging life (Hehehe). I secured all parts of my computer and waited for the rain to stop.

After almost three hours of heavy pouring, the rain stopped. I then dry ALONE our living room so that I could use my computer without being grounded by the electric current. Of course I really have to do that because I can't sleep without checking my blog (Hehehe). And so, after 30 minutes of cleaning at a very late hour of the night, I then returned my computer to the living room but not to its original location since I wasn't able to dry completely the area because I was so excited to visit the blogs of my Internet friends and make this post! :D

All is well now.


  1. Do you leave in low lying area or your area had a poor drainage system?

  2. dati nangyayari samin yan.pero ngaun nde na. hehe
    kasi nirenovate bahay namin. :)

  3. hehehe...flood, rain not going to stop you huh? wink*

  4. must be hard if it rains all the time, you'd have to dry your living room again and again. but of course, nothing's gonna get in the way of blogging. :)