Friday, July 11, 2008

6 Suave Dating Behaviors to Show You're Interested

This is from David Wygant.

1. Lean toward your date. Body language plays a huge role in what you communicate to others. This is especially true on a date, where the person you're with will be paying a lot of attention to your body language. So, when you're on a date with someone who interests you, you need to let him/her know it with your body language. One of the best ways is to lean in towards your date. Lean in and smile. And when you're leaning in, look at your date directly in his/her eyes.

2. Smile or laugh a bit when your date says something funny. While we all know it's important to listen to what your date is saying during a conversation, it's equally important to react to things that your date says that resonate with you. For instance, when your date is saying something funny, contribute to that part of the conversation. Keep the conversation rolling when it's on something funny and don't change the subject.

3. When your date says something intriguing, comment on it. When your date starts talking about a topic that is in an area of interest of yours, respond with questions and get more involved in that topic. Say, for instance you feel really passionate about an upcoming election and your date says "Well, I really don't think I'm going to bother voting." You can respond with something like "Wait a second. Why are you considering not voting?" Then, let the conversation flow from there. Asking questions when a date says something relating to an area of interest of yours is a great way to get into a deeper conversation with your date while also showing interest in what your date is saying.

4. Challenge your date a little bit. Gently challenging your date will lead to a stimulating conversation. It shows your date you're interested and engaged in the conversation, and that you're not just a puppet who just nods and agrees with everything.

5. Keep your body language open at all times. Do not fold your arms. Do not pick at your nails when you are telling a story or talking. Look at your date directly in their eyes. Don't look in other directions. If you don't keep eye contact, your date will not only think you lack interest, but that you're looking at somebody else.

6. Bring your date "into your space." When you catch yourself leaning back, lean forward towards your date. When you tell a story, be animated. Whenever you talk to your date, use hand gestures and engaging body language. Face your date and hold your in front of you. By doing all of this, you're inviting your date into your personal area. Your date will notice this and know you're interested.

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  1. Just be yourself and respect your date, I think that is the very basic. Voted for you my friend Have a great day
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