Monday, June 16, 2008

Sexy Gadgets

I browse over Yahoo today and I saw this article entitled Gadgets Too Sexy for Your Pocket featured in the site's index. I liked the title of the article and so I checked it out.

Surprisingly, the article was so informative that it gave me fresh updates on where really the "Computer Age" had brought me. It somehow gave me a glimpse of what is really some of the hippest trend of gadgets in this century I live in.

And so here are the gadgets, and tell me which of these are your favorites.

A lookalike to LG's European-only Prada phone, the Vu has a 3-inch touchscreen with a virtual QWERTY keyboard, 3G (HSDPA) for fast Web browsing, a 2 megapixel camera, and stereo Bluetooth. The full-screen MediaFLO mobile TV and half-inch waistline are pretty sexy too.

Samsung Instinct
The next potential iPhone-killer has a haptic-enabled touchscreen for tactile feedback, voice navigation, video recording, EVDO, GPS, and Sprint mobile TV, all crammed into a 1/2-inch frame. The device has so much going on, in fact, that you may not even notice it lacks WiFi. (Available soon.)

Apple iPhone 3G
The second-gen iPhone packs a few welcome extras lacking in the original, like 3G (HSDPA) support, assisted-GPS, stereo Bluetooth, and a headphone jack that's flush with the casing. It still has the same silky-smooth touch interface and comes in 8GB or 16GB flavors — now in black or white (16GB only) — and now you can get new apps for it direct from Apple's new App Store. Best of all, the new models go for just $199 or $299 with service.

SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8GB
This budget-friendly iPod nano alternative comes with up to 8GB of internal storage, and the microSD slot lets you expand on that. You can watch video on the 1.9-inch screen, but we're more jazzed about the music features of this 1/3-inch-thick player.

Samsung yepp YP-P2 8GB
Bearing a superficial resemblance to the iPhone, the P2 is even smaller and has a 3-inch touchscreen, great battery life and up to 8GB of flash memory (16GB later this year). Built-in stereo Bluetooth lets you listen wirelessly or use the player as a surrogate handset for your cell phone.

Archos 605 WiFi 160GB
The 605 WiFi may be a plus-size model, but there's plenty to drool about in this 802.11g-enabled mobile digital video recorder. The 160GB model is just .78 inches thick and has a 4.3-inch touchscreen, though you'll have to shell out extra dough to access the DVR, Web browsing and GPS features.

Apple MacBook Air (My Favorite! Yay!)
Apple's ultra-thin notebook competes with the big boys, though the system's lack of an optical drive and high price keep its target market somewhat niche. The thinnest version (a manila envelope-fitting .16 inches!) runs off a 64GB solid-state drive and packs up to a 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 2GB of RAM.

Plantronics Discovery 925
This is one of the best-looking and least bulky Bluetooth headsets out there, and it works reliably with very effective noise suppression. It even comes with a small case that has a built-in rechargeable battery so you can juice up the headset on the go.

Klipsch Image
These in-ear headphones are billed as the world's smallest, but the sound quality they provide proves richer and fuller than the sort offered by larger competitors. The eartips are extremely comfortable, and the black and copper design screams high fashion, as, sadly, does the price tag too.

Lenovo X300
Not to be outdone by Apple's MacBook Air, the Lenovo X300 is just about as thin, but packs everything in that the MacBook Air is missing. This included an optical drive, 64GB solid-state hard drive Verizon Wireless broadband card, fingerprint scanner and more. If only you can stomach the price tag.

You? Which one do you like most?

Haay, I just hope I own one of those!

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