Saturday, June 21, 2008

Google VS. Yahoo, Made Simple!

There have been a lot of thoughts and ideas presented by many experts regarding Google and Yahoo. There were already thousands of comparisons written in the web for so long. So what I'll talk about in this post is just my own simple yet practical review on the two booming search engine in the World Wide Web.

Now, I could still remember the symposium we had in our school last year that primarily discussed about "Why Google is so fast?" One of our college professors explained the stated facts regarding the question. One funny fact that he presented to us was the idea that, there were infinite number of "penguins" controlling the server of Google. Reality check, I don't really remember if that was just and example or a theory, I'm not sure. Honestly, I didn't get the point on that statement and I am not sure now if that was really his statement. No offense to those sensitive readers, I am not making non-sense here. I told you, this is a simple review. :)

OK, let's have a simple experiment. Try searching the keyword "Philippines" in both of the search engines. Compare the searching time done by the sites. FYI, you can check the time in the Upper-Right part of both sites. I have already tried that and the result is:

Searching for the keyword: "Philippines"

Google: 0.09 seconds

Yahoo: 0.18 seconds

Google is much faster, and does that small difference of time affects you?

For me, NO but for those experts and wizards and geniuses, YES! Okay, no problem with that. :)

Now, when it comes to the Interface Design of the two sites, the difference it really obvious. Take a look.

What do you see in Google? Only a simple interface yet very powerful.

What about Yahoo? The design is full of services, though "some" are useful, but most of it are just useless (for me). Although Yahoo offers a lot, still I find there design very confusing.

In addition to that, for me, the ideal site as your homepage is Google because it loads faster and thus making your research work faster and easier.

But let's not make this so serious and think about it everyone and then. The good thing about this two sites that we must all consider is that, both of them offers us FREE stuffs so why not grab it and for sure you'll never be left out.

I told you, this is just simple! :)

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  1. searching on something, i go for google, for email and chat, yahoo is the best.

    congratulations for the nomination:)